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Design & Construct Concrete Flooring Solutions

Design & Construct Concrete Flooring Solutions 14.2.18
Jointless steel fibre reinforced concrete ground bearing floor slab constructed in Mitcham, near Croydon in Surrey by Level Best Concrete Flooring from Yorkshire.
Level Best Concrete Flooring complete new industrial warehouse concrete floor slab in Brough
200mm deep cast insitu warehouse concrete floor slab constructed by industrial concrete flooring contractors Level Best Concrete Flooring.
design and construct
Industrial warehouse concrete floor slab designed and constructed by industrial concrete flooring contractors from Goole in Yorkshire.
design and construct 2
Jointless steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slab by industrial concrete flooring contractors.

Level Best Concrete Flooring carries out the design and construction of many different types of concrete floor slab for all different and variable uses. The industrial concrete flooring contractor carries out extensive research to ensure clients are provided with the latest technology available in today’s marketplace.

If you have little experience in the concept of designing and constructing cast insitu concrete floor slabs or perhaps would like to keep abreast as to what is available in today’s modern world of concrete flooring, then Level Best Concrete Flooring are the industrial concrete flooring contractors to talk to. We are constantly researching and trying new solutions ourselves in order to be able to provide the cutting edge solutions in concrete floors for our clients. Whether it be attending seminars, meeting new suppliers, or researching technical books, websites and concrete society guidance notes, Level Best are ahead of the game in terms of concrete floor slab innovation. Each and every clients concrete floor slab is just as important to us as it is to them, whether it be simple grain store construction or highly technical fully suspended high bay warehouse, Level Best Concrete flooring are always interested in helping and advising.

Level Best specialise in the design of steel fibre and steel fabric mesh Dramix Combislab systems which themselves offer unique benefits for clients in certain instances.

The Dramix Combislabs offer the following benefits in many different types of applications. The concrete floor slabs are designed to be fully restrained allowing no movement from construction or day joints. The floor construction  joints are fully tied and hence extremely unlikely to break down from heavy trafficking. There is no need for any sawn induced contraction joints anywhere in the slab. A maximum crack width can also be guaranteed in the floor slab design. With all these features available with a Dramix Combislab it makes the floors the ideal solution in such examples as the petrochemical industry, waste recycling industry, for bunded slabs and biomass tanks, the pharmaceutical and hygiene orientated industries as well as many others. Another example is a busy distribution centre which is trying to attempt to minimse any potential downtime and disruption caused from floor maintainance. Using this steel fibre jointless solution, there is very little can go wrong in tems of joint breakdowns, especially if the jonts are tied and there are no saw cuts If you need a floor designing and construction with all of the above benefits, then contact us and we can discuss at length if the Combislab is going to be the right solution for you. The Combislabs are heavily reinforced with a combination of a high dosage of steel fibres and steel fabric mesh, used in conjunction with a high strength concrete mix. With specifically adapted concrete flooring equipment, Level Best Concrete Flooring are able to install a Combislab to the highest of standards, especially for suspended or ground bearing concrete floor slabs. Our industrial concrete flooring advisors and estimators regularly speak to consulting engineers, designers and architects about how and if the Combislab concrete flooring system is a suitable option for the individual and specific project.

If you are interested in contacting us about a particular concrete floor slab scenario and you would like to know more information about what the steel fibre and mesh Combislab system can offer you then please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page.

Design & Construct Concrete Flooring Solutions march18
The above photograph shows the column isolation set at the correct height prior to concrete slab being cast
Design & Construct Concrete Flooring Solutions March18 (2)
Concrete has been installed and the column isolation detail has worked perfectly in terms of structural isolation and also aesthetically.

How Level Best Concrete Flooring construct a jointless steel fibre reinforced cast insitu warehouse concrete floor slab, suspend on piles

1. Steel fibres are integrated into the concrete truck mixer via the concrete flooring contractors conveyor system. Once the steel fibres have been fully integrated a superplasticiser is added to the mix to increase the workability to slump class S4.

2. The steel fibre reinforced concrete is then driven in the truckmixer to the workface and discharged into buggies onto the working platform

3. The concrete is then compacted and laid to the correct flatness tolerance with one of the companies laser screed concrete flooring machines.

4. If steel permanent construction joints are required, they are installed prior to the concrete being cast. Existing doorway floor slabs are dowelled at the designed centres to create the load transfer between the concrete floors.

5. The topping spreader is used to incorporate the dry shake topping into the surface of the concrete evenly.

6. The concrete surface is then powerfloated to leave a fully polished finish which offers excellent abrasion resistance characteristics with the help of the dry shake topping and the curing agent.