Floor Renovation System (F.R.S)

Floor Renovation System (F.R.S)

 I managed a warehouse which was in a very poor condition. The main issue we had with the floor was the constant collection of dust on the floor surface, disrupting the day-to-day storage and despatch of goods. The warehouse floor was also extremely difficult to clean and heavily stained. The numerous layers of floor paint we had applied over the years were building up and line marking was becoming difficult to distinguish and becoming no use.

Going forward we wanted a warehouse floor which was dustproof, easy to clean and easy to manage. On top of a floor which would perform better in service, we wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing for when the client visits the warehouse. We felt the best way to increase the aesthetics of our warehouse floor was to make it a light-reflective and brighter surface.

That’s where Level Best Concrete Flooring’s Floor Renovation System came in. They approached me with this very quick system and process which transferred our old warehouse floor. The polishing system ticked all the boxes we wanted ticking – leaving the floor dust-proof, easy to clean, easy to line mark, more aesthetically pleasing and light-reflective. The finished product looked amazing and improved the overall functionality of the warehouse. 

Douglas McTaggart, Warehouse Manager

Condition of the warehouse floor before Level Best Floor Renovation System
Warehouse floor after Level Best Floor Renovation System


About Floor Renovation System (FRS)

It is becoming increasingly popular to polish new and old industrial concrete and dry-shake floors. Previously it had been the norm for clients to specify traditional, outdated epoxy resin coatings or floor paints to solve their concrete floor refurbishment needs, but now Level Best Concrete Flooring’s revolutionary Floor Renovation System (FRS) is on the market the same clients are hastily specifying a polishing system which is cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain. The Floor Renovation System (FRS) involves the removal of the top layer of the concrete surface through a microscopic grinding and polishing system. The grinding to the floor is that incredibly light that no step or deviation is formed at the concrete surface. Once applied, the densifier and sealer penetrate deep into the core of the concrete surface, leaving the treated concrete floor slab hardened and more resistant to abrasion, whilst also increasing the structural integrity of the concrete, improving the aesthetics and leaving a dust-proof surface.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Level Best’s FRS polishing consists of two revolutionary products. The first product to be applied is the densifier, which is a concrete hardener that penetrates deep into the surface of the concrete, creating a hard and resistant floor. The second product to be applied is the sealer, penetrating through the pores of the concrete creating a surface resistant to oil, grease, water and dust.

The FRS enhances the structural properties of the concrete floor slab. The FRS densifier increases the structural integrity of the concrete surface by 400% and the sealer increases the abrasion resistance of the concrete by up to 500% – ensuring the floor can better withstand heavy foot and forklift traffic during serviceability.

The Floor Renovation System is a more durable, chemical resistant and cost-effective alternative to floor paints and epoxy resins. In the short-term (up to a month) the aesthetics are like that of other solutions but when the inevitable happens – and the surface starts to breakdown once trafficked – the FRS system keeps it shine, appearance and light-reflectivity.

Level Best’s FRS polishing is a complete surface finishing system. The customer has the choice of either a matt, semi-gloss or high-gloss finish depending on the application area. Level Best are happy to carry out sample areas prior to the Floor Renovation System to help the customer decide on the ideal level of finish for them.

Level Best’s FRS polishing system varies in cost anywhere from £5-£15 per square metre depending on the size of the unit and the level of finish the customer requires.

At Level Best we guarantee the floor surface finish for a period of 10-years from the day the FRS polishing system is completed. This is subject to no oils, acids or similar contaminants damaging or penetrating the surface.

Kind words from our Clients

Level Best Concrete Flooring has carried out numerous different types of concrete flooring contracts on behalf of Stainforth Construction. Level Best has always achieved a quality end product within the timescales agreed and we will be continuing to use them in the future.
Stainforth Construction
Senior Quantity Surveyor

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