Sub Base Levelling

Sub Base Levelling

Level Best Concrete Flooring’s Bobcat laser grader can now prepare and level the sub base prior to the casting of an internal concrete floor slab or external concrete hardstanding. The sub base is the finely graded aggregate material located between the subgrade and the concrete floor slab.

The sub base is often the main load-bearing layer, playing a critical part in the construction process, providing a stable working platform for the concrete slab to be cast on. A level sub base enhances the long-term performance of the concrete slab, allowing the concrete to shrink more evenly without restraint, reducing the chance of shrinkage cracking occurring during curing and the lifetime of the slab. Levelling the sub base properly – using a Bobcat laser grader – is just as important as the setting up, casting and finishing of the concrete floor slab.

The traditional sub base grading method (using a mini excavator alongside a two-person team operating laser equipment) could take up to three times longer. The Bobcat laser grader can grade up to 2,000m² of sub base per day, which would have taken the traditional method three days. The bobcat laser grader offers a massive reduction in manpower, as it only requires one-person to setup the laser grader and operate the bobcat. Instead of the traditional method which would require a three-person team to achieve the same result. Due to the compact and manoeuvrable nature of the Bobcat, it can grade right into the corners of buildings, which would have had to be finished off by hand in the traditional method.

The Bobcat sub base leveller can achieve tolerances of +/- 5mm when used in conjunction with the laser grader and operated by our experienced operatives. The precision and accuracy in ensuring the slab is graded to the minimum tolerance will result in large cost savings when the concrete is cast, as the amount of concrete will be significantly reduced due to the precise level.

If you would like to know further details on the sub base levelling or are involved in a project where you would like to achieve a tolerance of +/- 5mm through our sub base levelling Bobcat laser grader, then please feel free to call us on 01405 819199 or email us at


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