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F R S – Floor Renovation System

The advantages of Level Best FRS concrete polishing systems

The question “how do I refurbish my existing, tired and weary concrete floor slab without having to spend a lot of money on expensive resins and or floor painting ”, is a very common one. The answer Mr Customer is now available with immediate effect in the form of the Floor Renovation System, Level Best Concrete Flooring are now offering.

The Floor Renovation System does not effect the structural integrity of the concrete floor slab it enhances it, by removing the microscopic top layer of roughness on the concrete floor by using a patented grinding and polishing method. The grinding to the floor is so incredibly light, that no step or deviation in layers is formed in the concrete surface. Once applied the densifier penetrates deeply into the concrete surface, a chemical reaction takes place and the mineral dust particles are no longer be able to escape the surface. This leaves the treated surface hardened and more abrasion resistant.

As you can see from the attached photograph the products are all clear in colour, yet still enhance the aesthetics of the concrete surface as well as providing many other benefits.

A damaged concrete floor increases the risk of accidents and cannot be cleaned sufficiently with daily cleaning. Oil leaks, greases and chemicals penetrate into the core of the concrete and cause considerable damage. The repair or renovation of a damaged concrete floor entails considerable costs. This is not the case for the unique Level Best FRS grinding and polishing system for the improvement and protection of concrete floors.

How does Level Best FRS work?

With our Floor Renovation System you will transform your old and dusty floor of concrete into an extremely hard, dust proof, durable and abrasion resistant surface.

FRS consists of two powerful components. On the one hand FRS Densifier, on the other FRS Protective Sealer. The densifier penetrates deep into the core of the concrete and hardens and compacts it due to a molecular reaction. It creates a very hard and extremely abrasion resistant surface.

Unlike superficial concrete coatings, FRS penetrates deep into the core of the concrete and chemically bonds the particles to a 400% more resistant surface. This offers ideal conditions for daily traffic of heavy vehicles and people.

Level Best FRS Results

The 6-step process creates a high gloss on your concrete floor. After the application, the surface will be extremely hard, very resistant to abrasion, dust proof and easy to clean. The concrete floor will be protected against water, oil or grease stains. The maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum. The high reflectivity results in a significant energy saving and CO2 emissions in a building are significantly reduced.


Level Best arrive on site to carry out the next Floor Renovation project at a warehouse in Northamptonshire.

Concrete floor repairs using the Level Best Floor Renovation System (FRS)

This warehouse concrete floor slab had delaminated almost everywhere on the slab. Level Best was contracted to carry out the surface renovation using their FRS specialist system.
Initial the concrete surface received a vigorous floor grind to take off the loose material. On completion of the concrete floor grinding the polishing system using the “ride on” floats and liquid densifying products were carried out on the surface of the floor slab. This floor renovation process vastly improves the surface integrity of the concrete to provide an extremely tough and hardened surface finish. Floor sealers are then applied to leave a dust free concrete floor, which will last for a long time.
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The condition of the floor prior to the Floor Renovation System
The condition of the warehouse concrete slab on completion of the Floor Renovation System. As you can see Level Best have returned the floor to better than a new concrete floor slab.