External concrete yard, at logistics centre, Swindon

Level Best Concrete Flooring the industrial concrete flooring contractors based in Goole, East Yorkshire have recently completed the external concrete hardstanding at this new logistics centre on the outskirts of Swindon in Wiltshire. The concrete slabs were laid by the concrete flooring contractor using traditional mesh slab designs and long strip slab casting methods. The depth of the concrete was 175mm deep and reinforcement was 1 layer of A252 fabric mesh supported in the top of the slab. Sawn induced joints were then installed the following morning to cater for the expansion and contraction of the concrete in variable temperatures. A perimeter miothene isolation strip was also installed to allow the concrete to expand along the kerb line, without creating too much pressure at the perimeter interface.

The total area of approximately 12,000 square feet was laid over just 2 days including the initial setting up period, which is no mean feet considering the bays cast were all long strip. The industrial concrete flooring contractor is now hoping that more work from the client will end up in their lap as the surface finish and integrity was excellent and all parties were happy.

Should you require more information on this concrete floor slab in Swindon, or indeed have an enquiry relating to concrete floors yourself, then pleae do not hesitate to contact the sales team at Level Best Concrete Flooring on 07539 360140 or alternatively you can email us at jon@levelbestconcreteflooring.co.uk.

Level Best Concrete Flooring carrying out external slab in Swindon
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