Steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slab, for new Lidl supermarket in Penzance, Cornwall

Level Best Concrete Flooring Ltd has recently completed the design and construction of a jointless steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slab on behalf of Lidl UK in Penzance, Cornwall. Level Best Concrete Flooring own “in house” floor slab design team has a great deal of experience in the design of jointless steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slabs and this was out to the test when designing the cast insitu concrete floor on this particular industrial concrete floor. Due to variable ground conditions the pile centres were not installed on a consistent grid, as obstructions were found in the ground on a regular basis. Level Best Concrete Flooring engineers had to increase isolated areas with ancillary steel fabric mesh reinforcement to cope with the increased span of the pile centres in certain locations. As with most fast track concrete flooring construction solutions, time was of the essence and Level Best had work extremely quickly to produce the design and construction drawings in time to meet the programme of their production team.  Bekaert Steel fibres were delivered directly to site over the Easter weekend to allow the project schedules to be met.

Jointless steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slab suspended on piles by Level Best Concrete Flooring Ltd.

One of the first processes on site carried out by the industrial concrete flooring contractors was to install the Permaban steel construction joints at locations to suit both the concrete pouring sequence and the design of the steel fibre jointless floor slab.  The concrete depth was 275mm and hence a 250mm deep Permaban Alpha joint was installed as the construction joint. The Alpha joint provides full load transfer in the suspended steel fibre floor slab. The Bekaert steel fibres were integrated within the concrete mix via the readymix truckmixers from concrete provided by the local Aggregate Industries concrete batching plant. The process of integrating the steel fibres takes approximately 5 minutes utilising the latest state of the art steel fibre conveyor system operated and maintained by the concrete flooring contractors.

Once the C32/40 readymixed concrete had received the superplasticiser admixture and Bekaert steel fibres, the concrete was directly discharged onto the working platform and laid, levelled and compacted using the new Ligchine Laser Screed concrete laying machine.  The Ligchine Laser Screed is the latest concrete flooring innovation to entre the concrete flooring market and is also proving to be a massive success in the UK.

For more details on the design and build concrete flooring services that Level Best Concrete Flooring Ltd can offer you or indeed if you require more information regarding this jointless suspended steel fibre floor slab in Penzance which we have constructed then please do not hesitate to contact Jon Wilcox on 07539 360140 or alternatively e mail

Steel fibre reinforced concrete floors by Level Best Concrete Flooring .
Jointless steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slab suspended on piles by Level Best Concrete Flooring Ltd.
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