New warehouse in Mansfield requires industrial concrete floor slab contractors, Level Best Concrete Flooring to install a high tolerance cast insitu laser screed concrete floor slab

Level Best Concrete Flooring has completed another high tolerance concrete floor slab for some speculatively built warehouses in Mansfield for a local industrial developer. The cast insitu concrete floor slab was fully designed and constructed in line with the Concrete Societies TR34 4th edition and laid to the flatness tolerance of FM2 using the concrete flooring contractors Ligchine laser screed concrete levelling and compacting machine. The 280m3 of C35 readymixed concrete was supplied by Aggregate Industries at a rate of 36m3 per hour. The laser screed easily laid this quantity of concrete to the correct levels and also managed to manoeuvre around the numerous columns and “box outs” without any problems.

The reinforcement mesh was laid in advance of the laser screed concreting machine, without the need for a concrete pump. Level Best operatives carefully place the steel fabric mesh onto concrete chaired supports to maintain sufficient cover throughout the entire floor slab casting process. Sawn induced joints are carefully planned prior to installation,  to take into account the shrinkage capacity of the concrete along with position of columns and  other floor slab intrusions. Permaban Alpha joints were installed at the 5 number access doorway interfaces to allow the internal and external concrete edges to be suitably protected. The steel permanent joint also allows for the load transfer requirement to minimise breaking down of the concrete floors, once tenants have occupied the warehouses. Level Best Concrete Flooring also seal all of the sawn induced contraction joints using their own innovative joint sealant, Sawcut Seal. The Sawcut Seal’s profile allows it to be pushed into the joint at the surface to provide instant protection and provide further strength to the edges of both sides of the arris.

Further details on this warehouse concrete floor slab in Mansfield are available via our head office. Please contact either 01405 819199 or and speak to one of our concrete flooring estimators for more information

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