Industrial concrete flooring contractors Level Best Concrete Flooring carry out the installation of a new warehouse concrete floor slab extension in New Holland, North Lincolnshire

New Holland Extraction required a new concrete floor slab for their factory extension. The concrete slabs were fully suspended on driven cast insitu concrete piles. The slab was traditionally reinforced with 3 layers of steel fabric mesh and ancillary bar reinforcement over the piles. Permaban Alpha construction joints were used as “day joints” splitting the warehouse concrete floor slabs into 3 separate pours. Readymixed concrete supplied by Tarmac’s local batching plant in Immingham was discharged onto the working platform via a mobile concrete pump supplied by Chubby’s Concrete Pumps. Great care was taken by the concrete flooring operatives to ensure the concrete was both laid correctly and compacted through the heavy reinforcement. The level tolerance required from the client was FM3 as per TR34 2003 edition and this was comfortably achieved by the Level Best concreting team, even though hand laying techniques were used.

Following completion of the powerfloating operations, the floor was spray cured with Sika Proseal, the product which seals the surface of the concrete floor and inhibits dusting of the concrete. No saw cuts were induced within the floor slab design as the slab was deemed jointless as it was fully suspended on the concrete piles. Should you wish to receive more information regarding this jointless suspended concrete floor slab in North Lincolnshire, or perhaps you have a concrete floor slab project of your own, then please call one of our concrete flooring estimators on 01405 819199 or simple email

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