Level Best Concrete Flooring add to the wide range of concrete flooring equipment with these new specifically designed concrete delivery buggies

These new concrete delivery buggies are fantastic for certain types of concrete flooring schemes were pumping or direct discharge from the mixer trucks is not possible. Level Best Concrete Flooring whose tag line is “innovation in concrete flooring” are going to use these modern concrete delivery machines to assist on the construction of a steel fibre reinforced concrete floor slab in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The floor steel fibre reinforced jointless floor slab is being constructed on top of 100mm thick insulation board. The industrial concrete flooring contractors will be using the buggies to discharge the steel fibre reinforced concrete onto the working platform and laying the concrete with their remote controlled Ligchine laser screed. Steel fibre concrete with high dosages of 60mm long steel fibres can sometimes prove quite awkward to pump and so Level Best have mitigated this problem by procuring the delivery buggies, which can easily traffic over the insulation board. The Ligchine laser screed is an extremely versatile piece of concrete flooring equipment and the laser screed can also traffic the insulation board without causing damage. If you would like to know more information about the concrete delivery buggies then please feel free to contact Level Best Concrete Flooring on either 01405 819199 or email enquiries@levebestconcreteflooring.co.uk

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