Warehouse concrete floor slab in Norfolk, constructed by Level Best Concrete Flooring

A major local logistics and distribution centre based in Norfolk required a new 175mm deep, steel fabric reinforced concrete floor slab constructing to the flatness tolerance of FM2 “special” as per TR34 2003 edition. Level Best Concrete Flooring the industrial concrete flooring contractors based in Goole, East Yorkshire constructed the 8,000m2 over 5 consecutive days slab casting, utilising the Ligchine laser screed concrete floor laying machine. Each concrete pour was isolated using steel profile construction joints, which were predominantly installed in advance of the concrete pours by the concrete flooring preparation team. Columns were also isolated prior to the concrete pours, using steel joint and compressible material for full isolation. Racking layouts and drawings were provided to allow Level Best to position the construction joints away from the aisles and underneath the racks to avoid heavy trafficking from the client and prolong the lifespan of the floor joints themselves.
Once the 280m3 of reaymixed concrete had been supplied and laid each day from the local batching plant, the concrete finishing team began panning and then subsequently powerfloating the concrete until the surface was fully polished. A floor sealer was then uniformly applied to the concrete surface to minimise dusting and to help protect the concrete surface. Sawn induced joints were then cut and sealed at the same time to protect the joint edges and limit debris ingress. There you have it, over 80,000 square feet of warehouse concrete floors, completed in just over 8 days from start to finish including all preparation and tidying up.

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Warehouse concrete floor slab, powerfloated and polished to FM2 “special” flatness tolerance in line with the Concrete Societies TR34 3rd Edition
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