Industrial warehouse concrete floor slab on behalf of St Modwen Developments, in Derby

Level Best Concrete Flooring has successfully completed their first laser screed concrete floor slab on behalf of the developer St Modwen on an industrial estate in Derby. The 175mm deep, steel mesh reinforced cast insitu concrete floor slab was laid using the Somero laser screed and a mobile concrete pump, as the entire floor footprint had 80mm insulation board beneath it. Temperatures were extremely high during the concrete pour, and a high workability concrete mix supplied by the local Cemex plant was superplasticised on site by the Level Best team to ensure a consistent workability without the addition of water into the concrete mix. Level Best Concrete Flooring technical staff have vast experience in the use of admixtures in concrete and in conjunction with supplier Chryso have developed a mix which is easier to achieve excellent flatness tolerances in such high ambient temperatures. This allows the Level Best finishing team a longer duration to be able to carry out surface finishes to such a high standard.

Level Best Concrete Flooring’s full scope of works on the project encompassed the following trades within their package;

  • Laser controlled sub base levelling of final layer trimming layer
  • Supply and installation of gas membrane
  • Supply and installation of insulation board
  • Casting of mesh reinforced concrete floor slab constructed to FM3 as per TR34 2013, 4th edition using laser screed
  • Induced sawn joints and sealed using Sawcut Seal joint sealant
  • Spray curing and sealing of completed floor slab

Level Best Concrete Flooring immediately moved onto their next concrete pour the following day in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Further details on our concrete flooring systems can be obtained from our head office in Yorkshire and should you wish to make an enquiry please feel free to contact one of our estimating team on 01405 819199

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