New laser controlled sub base levelling machine for Level Best Concrete Flooring

Level Best Concrete Flooring, specialists in the design and build of industrial concrete floor slabs, have this week received a new laser controlled sub base levelling machine into our expanding list of modern concrete contracting plant.

Guaranteeing the working platform directly below our slabs is graded to the minimum tolerance and exact level, is crucial in achieving the very high standard of slab that we are constantly striving for here at Level Best Concrete Flooring, and can also significantly reduce the amount of concrete required and therefore cost.

With the new Bobcat sub base leveller, along with the laser grader attachment, we are capable of grading 2,000m² of sub base per day at an extremely precise and accurate +/- 5mm tolerance.

If you require a competitive price for our sub base levelling services then please feel free to contact Level Best Concrete Flooring on 01405 819199 or email

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