New Helipad concrete base at Hull Royal Infirmary by Level Best Concrete Flooring the industrial concrete flooring contractors from Goole, Yorkshire

Level Best Concrete Flooring have laid the new helipad concrete base at Hull Royal Infirmary, the first of its kind in the country. The external concrete floor design was discussed at great lengths to ensure the Helipad base provided all the features required by the emergency helicopter pilots. The external concrete helipad base was laid to a depth of 315mm and reinforced with 2 layers of A393 steel fabric mesh. The high strength concrete supplied by local independent supplier Watts Mix was delivered to site at the rate of 30m3 per hour and discharged vie a 32 metre mobile concrete pump into the concrete bays. The main dominant construction joint between the concrete slabs, supplied and installed by Level Best was a steel profile joint with pre – installed miothene expansion foam to cater for thermal movement of the concrete base. The timber construction shutter had square dowel bars at 300mm centres, manufactured by Isedio to create the load transfer requirements of the helicopter hitting the concrete slab on heavy landings.
The surface of the concrete Helipad base had a “brush finish” with trowelled margins around the perimeter and circulating the lighting bases. Saw cut relief Joints were installed once the concrete cured sufficiently at 5.5 metre centres. The completed concrete slabs were spray cured with Sika 90 Proseal curing agent.
This was the first Helipad concrete base that Level Best Concrete Flooring has installed to date and albeit quite technically demanding it is something the concrete flooring contractor now has vast knowledge on. Should you require further details on this new helipad project or you have a technically demanding concrete floor slab scheme of your own, then please contact one of our concrete flooring estimators at Level Best Concrete Flooring on 01405 819199 or simply e mail

315mm deep reinforced concrete floor slab for a new Helipad at Hull Royal Infirmary
Helipad concrete base located at Hull Royal Infirmary, Hull, East Yorkshire
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