Concrete floor slab for new aircraft hangar at Walney Airport, Barrow On Furniss

Industrial concrete flooring contractor Level Best Concrete Flooring the Yorkshire based concrete flooring specialists has almost completed the construction of a new steel fabric reinforced concrete floor salad at Walney Airport, Barrow On Furniss.

The concrete floor slab was made more complicated than usual due to the numerous heating pipes within the floor to allow the client to control the temperature accurately during use.

Level Best used two non-working supervisors to ensure the On-site management during the concrete slab casting was constantly controlled. The floor was laid to a constant straight grade fall towards the hangar doorways. Steel construction joints and sawn induced joints were installed extremely carefully to ensure the heater pipes were not disturbed during the concrete flooring processes.

Level Best Concrete Flooring has a wide range of both hand laying and laser screed flooring skills within the companies workforce and should you wish to discuss a project you are currently looking at, then please feel free to contact us at either or call 01405 819199

Aircraft hangar concrete floor in Cumbria by Level Best Concrete Flooring
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