Level Best Concrete Flooring return to Dagenham

Sub base levelling about to commence in Dagenham warehouse

Level Best are really pleased to return to Dagenham in order to showcase their quality concrete floor services for a new warehouse concrete floor. This project is of particular interest as the concrete flooring contractor is working for a high profile film industry client. The aesthetics of the concrete floor slab will be of paramount importance for this project as 1,500 visitors per day are forecasted to be walking on the Level Best floor.

The concrete flooring contract in Dagenham is due to commence in site in approximately 2 weeks and so please keep following our informative news page for updates and photographs.

If you have the requirement for a high tolerance, quality warehouse concrete floor slab, anywhere in the UK, then please do not hesitate to contact Level Best on 01405 819199 or email enquiries@levelbestconcreteflooring.co.uk

Level Best Concrete Flooring In Dagenham warehouse
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