Warehouse floor cleaning and refurbishing, Consett, County Durham

Level Best Concrete Flooring, the warehouse floor cleaning and renovating specialist, were contracted to refurb this stained, dirty and paint-covered floor slab over a 3 week duration. A previous tenant vacated this large warehouse in the North-East and the new tenant required a “dust-free” environment in order to operate their highly sensitive and expensive equipment used in the manufacture of high-end car parts.

The floor refurbishment works entailed the initial floor cleaning and removal of multiple-layers of existing floor paint. The layers of floor paint had been coated onto the floor over the years and were both unsightly and created dust in the warehouse environment. Floor joints were repaired and re-sealed with floor repair products offering structural stability under fork lift trafficking.

Level Best used concrete grinding machines to remove the humps and bumps within the factory floor that could cause fork lift driver fatigue and reduce the life span of the fork lift trucks. Racking was removed by the previous tenant, which had left numerous bolts within the floor. Level Best removed the bolts by core drilling and removing the racking bolt and then filling the hole with a non-shrink cementitious product capable of withstanding heavy floor usage.

For more information and details on the floor cleaning and renovation systems that Level Best Concrete Flooring can provide for you please ring 01405 819199 and ask for Matthew Lill or alternatively email your enquiry through to matt@levelbestconcreteflooring.co.uk

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