Coloured concrete flooring by Level Best

Level Best Concrete Flooring, the industrial concrete flooring contractor from Yorkshire, have supplied and installed over 3,000m² of coloured concrete utilising a Qualidur product – a hard-wearing dry-shake surface hardener.

The standard 175mm thick slab constituted a polythene membrane, steel fabric reinforcing mesh and over 100 linear metres of stainless steel armoured expansion joints.

The dry-shake product is made up of hard-wearing mineral aggregates, cement, pigments and mixing additives which give the concrete surface extra strength, better abrasion capacities and a grey coloured finish (other colours are available). It is sprinkled onto the freshly laid concrete surface utilising Level Best’s very own topping spreader and worked into the concrete surface during the powerfloating finishing process. Once cured, it becomes monolithic with the slab providing a durable, abrasive and coloured floor surface.

The concrete floor is then spray-cured with a floor sealing/dust inhibiting curing compound and saw cut induced contraction joints are installed into the slab and sealed the following day, as is standard practice with normal slabs and is no different with coloured concrete.

If you have a coloured concrete and dry-shake topping floor slab enquiry then contact one of our estimators on 01405 819199 or email through to .

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