Steel fibre reinforced jointless combi-slab in Bourne, Lincolnshire

Level Best has recently installed a new steel fibre reinforced Combi Slab in Bourne, Lincolnshire. To cater for the extreme floor loading conditions the Dramix Combi-slab solution was adopted to guarantee maximum crack widths and provide the client with a durable and highly impact resistant concrete floor slab. To enhance aesthetics the steel fibre reinforced jointless concrete floor slab had a light grey dry shake topping applied to the surface of the concrete floor. The coloured concrete floor topping was also metallic and so provided abrasion resistance in the “special” category. 

Once the laser controlled sub base levelling has been carried out, the ground floor was laid with the Somero laser screed over three consecutive working days.  Heavy duty armoured construction joints were used at doorway locations to minimise any potential downtime at the interface with existing building. Also at these doorway locations Level Best chemically etched the floor to increase the friction of the floor surface and decrease the chance of fork lifts sliding on the wet surface. It is to be noted that Level Best Concrete Flooring can also carry out the anti slip doorway system on existing floors and do so on a regular basis.

On completion of the jointless ground floor, the mezzanine slabs and external floors were also cast by the concrete flooring contractors from Yorkshire. After completing this concrete project in Bourne, Level Best headed straight off to Rotherham to design and construct another steel fibre jointless floor slab.

Should you wish to discuss the jointless concrete floor systems that Level Best can provide for you then please contact one of our friendly estimating team on 01405 819199 or

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