Level Best completes internal and external concrete floors at distribution centre, Ripon, North Yorkshire

Level Best Concrete Flooring has just completed the new warehouse and external yard for a new warehouse in behalf of the Potter Group. A total of 9 casting days from start to completion saw just under a 1,000m3 of concrete laid and finished.

Level Best utilised their new Somero Laser screed to lay the internal warehouse floors and a mobile pump in conjunction with hand laying methods for the external yard. The external concrete received a brushed surface finish with trowelled edge margins.
As you can see from the photography the floors were constructed to the highest of standards and all in line with the structural engineers design criteria.
Should you be interested in receiving a quotation from Level Best then please contact our concrete floor estimating department on 01405 819199 or e mail enquiries@levelbestconcretefloorjng.co.uk

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