Design and build concrete flooring in Tamworth, Staffordshire

Level Best Concrete Flooring, the industrial contractor from Yorkshire, were contracted to completely design, construct and subsequently polish this concrete floor slab in Tamworth near Birmingham, Staffordshire.

Level Best worked closely with this new client during the procurement stage to draft up a bespoke specification to meet demands. Level Best pride ourselves on our flexibility when it comes to the design and construction of concrete floors, and this contract was no different, with a 200mm thick mesh reinforced slab incorporating a natural dry-shake topping and galvanised steel joint been agreed, which will later be polished, sealed and dust-proofed by Level Best’s Floor Renovation polish Team.

Level Best opted to incorporate a natural grey dry-shake topping to ensure a uniformed polished finish would be guaranteed to suit the Client’s requirements. The topping was evenly distributed over the freshly levelled floor utilising the new mechanical topping spreader.

The concrete floor was constructed progressively with 1200g polythene membrane and A193 reinforcing mesh been placed in front of concrete arriving from Breedon’s local Tamworth batching plant. The concrete was compacted and levelled utilising the Ligchine laser screed and expertly finished by the two powerfloating shifts, integrating a finishing aid and dust-proofing sealant ensuring delamination was avoided. Saw cut expansion joints were induced into the concrete floor slab the following day to control shrinkage and sealed for durability.

Level Best will now allow the slab to cure, dry and shrink sufficiently, approximately 28-days post-construction, before revisiting site to carry out the 6-stage polishing system – incorporating two products developed to increase the floor’s durability, abrasion resistance and structural capacity all whilst leaving a completely sealed and dust-free surface finish.

To learn more about Level Best’s design, construct and polish concrete flooring services please ring the office on 01405 819199 and ask to speak to one of our estimators or alternatively email your enquiry through to .

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