Industrial concrete floor slab in New Holland Lincolnshire

Level Best Concrete Flooring has constructed a new overlay concrete floor slab for a factory extension on behalf of Arbor Forest Products in New Holland, Barrow Upon Haven, North Lincolnshire.

The floor was originally an external concrete hardstanding but with internal warehousing space in short supply the factory owners decided to build a new warehousing facility directly over the top of the existing floors. Level Best Concrete Flooring, with vast expertise and knowledge in a variety of concrete flooring solutions, provided a concrete floor overlay solution which included a coloured dry shake surface finish to enhance the aesthetics of the floor and provide extra added abrasion resistance.

Firstly, a sub base regulating layer was installed to remove deviations from the floor and provide a uniformed slab depth throughout. The sub base layer also reduces the risk of floor joints from the existing slab reflecting through to the surface of the new coloured concrete floor.

Permanent steel construction joints provided the day joint between each concrete pour and also divided the bays into equal pour sizes and created equal panels within the aspect ratio required for this fibre reinforced floor slab. The fibre reinforcement design solution was preferred by the Level Best design team due to the full depth reinforcement achieved in this 125mm deep overlaid concrete floor.

Finally a dry shake topping with added pigmented colour of steel grey, was incorporated into the powerfloated and polished concrete floor surface utilising the mobile topping spreader operated by the industrial concrete flooring contractor’s finishing teams. The topping spreader evenly applied the coloured concrete dry shake at the measured rate of 4kg/m2. The steel grey colour on the concrete surface helps to reflect the light, which in turn reduces the clients lighting costs and provides a feel good factor to operatives working within the building.

If you would like to receive more information on this coloured concrete industrial overlay floor slab in New Holland, Lincolnshire or perhaps have a requirement for a coloured concrete floor slab elsewhere in UK, then contact one of the estimating team on 01405 819199 or simply email .

Coloured concrete floor in New Holland, North Lincolnshire
Warehouse floor with dry shake topping surface hardened
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