Design and Build Industrial concrete flooring for SEGRO in Acton, West London

Level Best Concrete Flooring, the specialist industrial concrete flooring contractor from Yorkshire, has completed the full design and construction of an industrial concrete floor in Acton, West London. This contract was Level Best’s first contract on behalf of SEGRO plc, Europe’s largest industrial property investor and developer.

Level Best’s Subbase Team operate in advance carrying out the final regulating subbase blinding. They utilise a Bobcat subbase leveller to blind the Type 1 subbase with a finer material closing the surface and improving the slab performance. The Slab Preparation Team work in advance carrying out anti-crack column isolation details and galvanised construction joint installation to ensure optimal slab performance and specification.

This warehouse concrete floor slab in Acton, West London was designed by Level Best’s Engineering Practice in line with the SEGRO and the Consulting Engineer’s specifications. The industrial slab was 175mm thick C40 concrete reinforced with 1 layer of A193 steel fabric reinforcing mesh incorporating steel column surrounds and galvanised steel joint installation. The warehouse floor slab was constructed with the Ligchine laser screed and mobile concrete pump to the TR34 4th Edition Floor Class FM2.

For more information on how Level Best Concrete Flooring can help and advise you with your concrete flooring requirements in Acton, West London or elsewhere in the UK please feel free to contact one of our floor specialists on 01405 819199 or email .

Industrial warehouse floor slab been constructed to a FM2 surface tolerance in Acton, West London
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