Removal and replacement of industrial concrete floor slabs on the increase at Level Best

Level Best Concrete Flooring are seeing an upturn for the removal and replacement of existing concrete floors throughout the UK. Level Best’s concrete floor removal and replacement division will be assisting the following client’s in the month of August 2020:

  • WH Malcolm at Daventry Rail Freight Terminal, Northamptonshire
  • Biffa Polymers in Washington, Tyne and Wear 
  • FedEx Parcels In Bedford, Bedfordshire

Level Best are unique to a certain extent, as not only have they the equipment and expertise to remove concrete floors, but they can design and construct the new infill concrete floor slabs. This negates the requirement to involve other subcontractors from a coordination perspective and speeds up the various processes on site.

Should you have the requirement to remove your concrete floors please contact one of our four estimators on 01405 819199 or . We can attend your site or workplace and carry out a free survey and quotation. Alternatively we also repair, clean, polish and seal existing concrete floors if the concrete is still structurally sound and fit for purpose.

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