Design and build steel fibre reinforced warehouse floor suspended on piles in Beverley, East Yorkshire

This industrial warehousing facility in Beverley, East Yorkshire required a floor slab to be constructed suspending between pre-cast concrete piles. Level Best Concrete Flooring’s inhouse Design Team designed the floor slab using steel fibre reinforced concrete flooring technology.

The C32/40 concrete supplied by local independent ready mix concrete supplier Sandsfield from Beverley was delivered directly to site, whereupon Level Best Flooring operatives integrated the 60mm long steel fibres utilising the concrete flooring contractors conveyor system at the dosage rate of 35kg/m3.

The steel fibre reinforced concrete was then laid and levelled to the flatness tolerance of FM2 as permitted TR34 2013 edition using the laser screed concrete floor laying machine. Following the laying of the steel fibre jointless floor slab a dry-shake surface topping was incorporated within the surface of the concrete at the application rate of 3kg/m2 using the topping spreader machine. Once the sprinkle topping had been laid to suppress the steel fibres at the surface and also increase the abrasion resistance, a spray sealer was applied to assist with curing and prevent the concrete floor from future dusting.

This entire design and build warehouse concrete floor project in Beverley took one week to carry. The Level Best Concrete Flooring team then moved onto another local concrete flooring warehouse scheme elsewhere in East Yorkshire. If you would like to know more about the floor slab design services that Level Best Concrete Flooring can provide for you then please contact us at or telephone 01405 819199 and ask for the estimating department.

Industrial design and build warehouse flooring in Beverley, East Yorkshire
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