Industrial concrete flooring construction in Horsham, West Sussex

Yorkshire-based industrial concrete flooring specialists Level Best Concrete Flooring has recently completed the first phase of their concrete flooring scope of works on Oakhurst Business Park, Horsham, West Sussex.

The first phase of works has involved the supply and construction of the 200mm thick steel reinforced service yard slabs. The slabs were pre-set and cast utilising traditional ‘long strip’ hand lay construction methods with the inclusion of innovative external steel expansion joint located at engineered locations. The works were navigated around worsening weather conditions heading into winter in West Sussex and completed over a 2-week period.

Level Best Concrete Flooring will move onto the internal laser screed concrete floor slabs in November 2020. Level Best’s inhouse design team have designed a 175mm thick slab which will be constructed to a FM2 surface level tolerance utilising modern ‘large bay’ laser screed and powerfloat concrete flooring methods and technology.

Level Best Concrete Flooring are contactable on 01405 819199 or if you have similar industrial concrete flooring requirements or enquiries in Horsham, Sussex or elsewhere around London.

Industrial warehouse concrete flooring in Horsham, West Sussex
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