High-tolerance defined-movement design and build industrial concrete flooring in Tetbury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Yorkshire-based industrial concrete flooring specialists Level Best Concrete Flooring has recently been contracted to design and build the high-tolerance concrete floors as part of a 5,000m² warehouse development on Babdown Airfield Industrial Estate in Tetbury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire.

The contract was an ideal opportunity for Level Best to showcase their expert concrete flooring services for another repeat client. With the industrial concrete flooring specialist carrying out everything from final subbase stone levelling and compacting through to dry-shake application and slab construction to DM2 (defined-movement) floor classification as per TR34 2013 4th Edition. This was required due to the very narrow aisle critical requirement requested by the Gloucestershire-based end-user to suit their racking functionality.

The contract commenced with the final subbase stone levelling, compacting and closing the final regulating layer of finer stone to a highly-accurate +0/- 5mm tolerance. The complete subbase levelling service is carried out inhouse by Level Best, ensuring that the slab is constructed on a level, compact and flat platform increasing short and long term slab performance. The final subbase regulating is carried out in conjunction with column isolation, steel joint and galvanised joint installation. All as per Level Best’s floor slab design.

This 5,000m² 175mm deep mesh reinforced industrial warehouse floor slab was constructed with Level Best’s Somero SXP laser screed, with Level Best’s newest Somero SRS-4 laser screed on site on standby to provide maximum cover on this high-tolerance contract. A dry-shake topping was applied in the slab casting stage utilising the mechanical topping spreading machine at an application rate of 4kg/m². A powerfloat surface finish was given to the slab with a dust-proofing curing agent applied during the finishing process.

Additional rectifications measures were incorporated into the slab construction phase by Level Best Concrete Flooring to ensure the high-tolerance DM2 floor classification was met. Additional rectification operatives, plant and machinery were onsite for all four casting days to ensure all surface regularity tolerances were met. Concrete rectification was carried out by Level Best’s expert operatives during both concrete plastic and drying shrinkage states, again to ensure the high-tolerance DM2 floor classification was met on this contract in Tetbury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire.

For more information on Level Best Concrete Flooring’s high-tolerance design and build industrial concrete flooring services, please contact one of our floor specialists on 01405 819199 or email enquiries@levelbestconcreteflooring.co.uk .

High-tolerance design and build industrial concrete flooring to DM2 floor classification as per TR34 2013 4th Edition
Industrial laser screed concrete flooring incorporating a dry-shake topping in Tetbury, Gloucestershire
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