Jointless steel fibre reinforced industrial concrete flooring in Coventry, Warwickshire

Specialist industrial concrete flooring contractor Level Best Concrete Flooring has recently being involved in the design and construction of this pile-supported industrial concrete floor slab in Coventry, Warwickshire as part of a development extension for a high-end insulation decking and cladding supplier.

Due to the pile-supported nature of the build, Level Best opted for a innovative steel fibre and steel mesh reinforced ‘jointless’ combi-slab solution integrating 35kg/m³ of Bekaert Dramix 5D steel fibres in conjunction with fabric reinforcement edge field mesh. The inclusion of steel fibres throughout the slab allows the ‘jointless’ floor slab design which is ideal for all industrial, warehouse and distribution facilities where forklifts are widely operating as it avoids typical joint breakdown.

The C40/50 200mm deep jointless combi-slab was constructed utilising modern laser screed technology to a FM2 surface regularity floor class as per industry standard TR34 4th Edition. A superplasticizer was integrated into the concrete mix to increase workability of the concrete and aid setting times given the combination of high-strength concrete, steel fibres and a dry-shake topping. The natural dry-shake topping was applied at an application of 4kg/m² to suppress steel fibres and increase both abrasion resistance and colour and appearance consistency.

The fibre-suppressing dry-shake topping is worked into the surface of the slab during the powerfloating operation and an anti-dusting curing and sealing solution is spray-applied to aid curing and provide a dust-free long term surface. The slab was given a full sealed powerfloat finish by Level Best’s expert powerfloating operatives.

On completion of this jointless steel fibre and steel mesh reinforced combi-slab in Coventry, Warwickshire Level Best Concrete Flooring mobilised to their next industrial contract in Lincoln, Lincolnshire where the steel fibre specialists will again by constructing high-tolerance steel fibre reinforced industrial concrete floor slabs and incorporating dry-shake toppings.

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