Level Best Concrete Flooring completes the installation of 15,000m2 of laser screed concrete flooring at The Bridge, Dartford

  • Project – The Bridge, Dartford
  • Client – Wrenbridge Land
  • Structural engineer – MLM
  • Architect – CMP
  • Main contractor – Glencar
  • Flooring contractor – Level Best Concrete Flooring
  • Floor design – Jointless steel fibre reinforced

Level Best Concrete Flooring has successfully completed the installation of 15,000m2 of laser screed concrete flooring at the speculatively constructed The Bridge, Dartford site on behalf of developer Wrenbridge Land. The area compromised of 5 individual warehouse units was constructed by Level Best Concrete Flooring over a 9 day casting period. With concrete supplied by Express and fibres supplied by Bekaert, Level Best designed using their own “in house” team a “jointless” 160mm slab design to minimise floor joints within the slab build up. The surface of the concrete floor slab received a dry shake sprinkle topping and surface hardener to suppress fibres at the surface and provide a beautiful surface finish for the client and end users.  Once the initial laser controlled sub base had been installed using Level Best’s T650 Bobcat and the steel profile permanent construction joints were set up the slabs were poured on a continual basis by the experienced concrete flooring teams throughout.

For more details on how Level Best can provide a steel fibre reinforced jointless concrete floor slab for you, please contact our estimating department at enquiries@levelbestconcreteflooring.co.uk or telephone 01405 819199

Jointless steel fibre reinforced concrete flooring in Dartford, by Level Best
Laser screed concrete flooring in Dartford, Kent, by Level Best Concrete Flooring
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