Steel fibre reinforced concrete floors in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Level Best Concrete Flooring has completed the final phase of the warehouse floor removal and replacement project in Bradford, West Yorkshire, 12 months after the project initially commenced.

As you can see from the photograph the steel fibre “jointless” warehouse concrete floors are performing extremely well under exceptionally heavy fork lift trafficking. The ability to design concrete floors to minimise joints within the floor slab, helps the long term performance and dynamics of the floor immensely, especially when heavy fork-lift trucks with very tough, dense plastic wheels are used and traffic the floors constantly.

The last phase of the concrete removal and replacement in the food distribution centre in Bradford is now complete and handed over to the client to increase the capacity of the storage facility.

Level Best Concrete Flooring now move onto their next “jointless” warehouse concrete floor slab in Immingham, North Lincolnshire for a bulk storage facility. For more details on how Level Best Concrete Flooring can assist you with their innovative concrete floor designs, please contact one of our skilled estimating team members on 01405 819199 or simply

Steel fibre reinforced concrete floors in Bradford, West Yorkshire
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