Concrete floor slabs for new warehouse development at Clifton Moor Industrial Estate, York, North Yorkshire

The construction of the new multiple warehouse scheme in York on behalf of a major Speculative warehouse developer required the need for some high tolerance powerfloated Concrete floor slabs. Level Best Concrete Flooring was contracted to install the new floor slabs to the flatness standard fo FM2 as per the Concrete Societies TR34 2013 edition. Some of the smaller units had to be installed using a mobile concrete pump, due to limited access available for wagons etc. Level Best utilised their smaller Somero S-940 machine to pour the concrete in the smaller units, instead of the Ligchine Max-Pro for the larger units. Having a wide range of laser screed concrete floor levelling machines really helps the industrial concrete flooring contractors provide an excellent service for clients and contractors and vastly improves the quality of the finished concrete floors.

The design of the concrete floor slabs was controlled by local engineering practice Alan Wood & Partners and the experienced design team at Level Best liaised directly with them in order to ensure the best solution was met all round. Once the floors has been powerfloated and the saw cut joints were installed, Level Best sealed all of the saw cuts using their innovative joint sealant system to help protect the joints under construction traffic.

For more details on this new warehouse development in York, or indeed if you have a project of your own in Yorks, which you would like to talk to someone at Level Best about, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01405 819199 or simply e mail

Warehouse floors, powerfloated and polished in York
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