Industrial design and build concrete flooring workload for January 2022

Design and build concrete flooring specialists, Level Best Concrete Flooring, have a very solid start to 2022 in front of them with a full works programme for the month of January 2022. A variety of different types of projects, designs, construction methods and locations will be demonstrated by the Level Best teams throughout the UK.

  • Major steel fibre reinforced jointless cold store concrete flooring in Corby, Northamptonshire following completion of phase 1 of works in 2021.
  • Speculative design and build multi-unit high-tolerance concrete flooring on behalf of a repeat contractor in Bicester, Oxfordshire.
  • Design and build concrete flooring in Holme, Holmfirth on behalf of a new client as part of a large local industrial warehousing and distribution development.
  • Multi-unit concrete flooring laser screed construction and installation in York, North Yorkshire on behalf of a reputable nationwide principle contractor.
  • High-tolerance pre-set and pump concrete flooring utilising a combination of laser screed and hand laying construction methods in Sheffield, South Yorkshire for a private developer.
  • Speculative design and build multi-unit, multi-visit high-tolerance concrete flooring on behalf of another repeat client in Fleet, Hampshire.
  • Multi-unit design and build speculative concrete flooring in Rother Valley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire on behalf of yet another repeat client.

Level Best Concrete Flooring’s all-encompassing design and build concrete flooring services will be on full display in January 2022, starting the new year as the industrial flooring specialist means to go on. All design, operational delivery, final subbase regulating and trimming, slab preparation and slab installation is carried out in-house by East-Yorkshire-based Level Best, ensuring a consistent level of quality is produced on a regular basis, leading to an order book full of repeat clients.

Constant research and development into the most innovative concrete flooring solutions available ensure Level Best are at the top of the industrial concrete flooring sector.

High-tolerance laser screed industrial concrete flooring by Level Best Concrete Flooring
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