Mechanised drilling and dowelling by Level Best Concrete Flooring

Yorkshire-based industrial concrete flooring repair, refurbishment and dilapidation experts Level Best Concrete Flooring are offering clients and contractors an innovative mechanical drilling and dowelling service. The mechanised drilling and dowelling plant allows Level Best to install a load transfer detail when retro-fitting new concrete slabs as part of warehouse extensions, removal and reinstatement of defective and damaged concrete slab scope of works or any other bespoke detailing.

The innovative mechanised drilling and dowelling solution is a more powerful, accurate and quicker process, allowing Level Best to offer Clients a faster and more cost effective drilling and dowelling service as part of dilapidations. This innovative solution also reduces fatigue for site operatives, ensuring productivity is improved elsewhere onsite, again aiding in reducing the Client’s programme.

An initial dilapidation survey is crucial in ensuring Level Best can offer this revolutionary service to Clients. The dilapidation survey gives Level Best an opportunity to meet the Client to ascertain programme, cost and quality targets whilst also offering an opportunity to survey the existing site, slab and condition. This initial free dilapidation survey can save time, money and maintenance costs in the long-term.

Mechanised drilling and dowelling by Level Best Concrete Flooring in Milton Keynes
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