Industrial concrete flooring for repeat client in Tamworth, West Midlands

Industrial concrete flooring specialists Level Best Concrete Flooring have recently successfully completed the design and construction of the new concrete floor for a speculative industrial development in Tamworth, West Midlands on behalf of a fantastic Derbyshire-based repeat Client.

Yorkshire-based Level Best’s all-encompassing industrial concrete flooring service was on show once again, with work commencing with the in-house final regulating layer of the subbase to a highly accurate tolerance. Level Best’s slab preparation team then followed on with the installation of all steel armoured construction day joints, galvanised armoured level access door joints and anti-crack column isolation plates. All details on this Tamworth, West Midlands project were installed as per Level Best’s TR34 industrial floor slab design.

The 175mm deep slab was then installed utilising modern laser screed technology to FM2 tolerance as per TR34 4th Edition. Sawn induced joints were installed on the subsequent days with the sawn joints instantly sealed via Level Best’s instant sealant solution.

On completion of this project in the West Midlands, Level Best will mobilise to multiple steel fibre reinforced projects in Coventry on behalf of more repeat clients. These projects will involve the laser screed installation of steel fibre reinforced slabs, with a fibre suppressing dry shake topping applied to the surface to prevent protruding fibres.

Design and build laser screed industrial concrete flooring in Tamworth, West Midlands
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