Design and build industrial concrete flooring in Hitchin, Bedfordshire

Yorkshire-based Level Best Concrete Flooring has recently completed the full design, supply and installation of a 5,000 square metre industrial concrete floor slab in Hitchin, Bedfordshire. The project was completed on behalf of a world leading sustainable surface water drainage system manufacturer and supplier. The works were completed on behalf of a regular London-based main contractor.

As per standard process, Level Best carried out all scope of works commencing months ago with the provision and detailing of ground floor slab drawings and calculations. Level Best’s design process considers all elements from the ground conditions to the client’s actual and potential speculative loading requirements.

Site works commenced with the final subbase regulation utilising laser guided machinery and steel armoured joint installation providing armoured edge protection for the client’s forklift operations. Steel armoured cast insitu joints also provide critical load transfer at joints.

On completion of the preparation works in Bedfordshire, Level Best commenced with the FM2 slab construction utilising industrial laser screed slab installation methods. The screeded warehouse slabs were given a full powerfloat surface finish incorporating a curing and sealing dust-proofing sealer. Sawn induced joints were installed and instantly sealed, all in house by Level Best.

Independent flatness and abrasion testing were commissioned proving full compliance with the specification. Ensuring a new Client and repeat contractor were left satisfied in Hitchin, Bedfordshire.

Steel armoured joint installation providing armoured edge protection and load transfer
Specialist high-tolerance concrete flooring in Hitchin, Bedfordshire
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