Warehouse concrete flooring in Morden, London by Level Best

This new self storage warehouse located in Morden, London required a powerfloated and polished concrete floor slab to which Level Best Concrete Flooring was contracted to design and install.  Level Best selected a steel fibre reinforced jointless floor slab design for this warehouse concrete floor which was fully suspended on pre cast piles. The industrial concrete flooring contractors liaised frequently with the clients structural engineer in order to provide a solution suitable for the warehouse floor slab in London.

Further complications were created by the heave board required beneath the piled floor meaning that the steel fibre reinforced concrete had to be delivered via a mobile concrete pump. Level Best has vast experience in pouring steel fibre concrete flooring utilising mobile concrete pumps and the floor installation team used every ounce of that experience during the three consecutive concrete pours.

Once this industrial concrete floor slab in London had been completed the flexible concrete flooring contractor moved onto their next project, a new warehousing scheme in Doncaster , South Yorkshire.

Industrial concrete flooring in Morden, London
Steel fibre reinforced concrete flooring in Morden, London by Level Best Concrete Flooring
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