Industrial concrete flooring contractors installing warehouse concrete floors in Braintree, Essex

This new warehouse development in Braintree, Essex is being constructed speculatively by a specialist warehouse builder who has in turn contracted specialist industrial concrete flooring contractors Level Best Concrete Flooring to carry out the design and installation of these warehouse concrete floors.

Level Best has been using their Somero SXP and SRS laser screeds to install the warehouse concrete floors to the flatness tolerance of FM2 as per TR34. Level Best has also carried out the installation of the final layer of sub base levelling and installation of steel construction joints.

The three warehouse units being built on a speculative basis will total 10,000m2 in size and are all complete with ground floor and first floor office mezzanine areas and level access doors for prospective tenants. The new warehouse floors will be completed by Level Best in the month of February 2023 and if you are interested in finding out more information on the warehouse concrete flooring services that Level Best can provide please contact on 01405 819199 or e mail

Warehouses in Braintree, Essex with new concrete floors
Warehouse concrete flooring in Braintree by Level Best Concrete Flooring
Laser screed warehouse flooring in Braintree, Essex
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