Industrial concrete flooring in Worcester by Level Best

This old and dilapidated concrete floor slab has been re- laid and newly installed by the innovative concrete flooring contractors Level Best Concrete Flooring in Worcester on behalf of Hollis Global.

The original floor was damaged with broken down joints and deviations in levels and beyond economic repair. Experienced engineers at Level Best put forward the solution of choice for the client and designed and warranted the best long term and most suitable end product, which will ensure the future tenant can operate within the warehouse successfully over the years.

The new floor has been installed to a very tight flatness tolerance to suit the new racking layout provided by the tenant. This will allow the smooth running of the forklift trucks which will reduce truck maintenance and increase the sped at which the tenant can operate at.

This overlay slab procedure in Worcester has been carried out by the industrial concrete flooring contractors on a total of 12 projects throughout the UK and with the ever increasing costs of building new warehouses is the perfect cost saving option for landlords wanting to reduce overall build costs.

For more details this Level Best Concrete Flooring can assist you with an overlaid warehouse concrete floor slab please contact us via the contact page on the website.

Laser screed concrete flooring in Worcester, Worcestershire
Warehouse concrete flooring in Worcester
Warehousing in Worcestershire by Level Best Concrete Flooring
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