Industrial concrete flooring at Brigg industrial estate, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire

This newly constructed speculative warehouse near Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire required a reinforced concrete floor slab suspended on pre cast piles. Having constructed ten Insitu concrete floors to the previous phase on the development, Level Best was contracted once again to install the floors to a high specification.

The fully suspended and reinforced concrete floors were 200mm deep and required perimeter thickenings over each like. Level Best Concrete Flooring used their lightweight and battery powered laser screed concrete flooring machine to install this concrete floor slab in North Lincolnshire.  The preparation works for the reinforcement took the concrete flooring contractors 2 weeks to install and two days to pour the concrete to each industrial unit. The concrete finishing team provided a highly powerfloated concrete surface finish, which was subsequently sealed using the during agent and dust inhibiting compound.

For more information on how Level Best Concrete Flooring can supply and install and warehouse concrete floor slab in North Lincolnshire for you, please contact us via the contact page at

Battery charged laser screed paying concrete floor in Brigg, Scunthorpe
Industrial concrete flooring in Brigg, Scunthorpe with battery charger laser screed machine
Industrial concrete flooring in North Lincolnshire for warehouses
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