Design and build concrete flooring in Uxbridge, West London

Level Best Concrete Flooring have recently completed an industrial concrete flooring project in Uxbridge, West London. The industrial floor area, totalling 4,000 square metres, was cast over four consecutive days utilising modern laser screed slab installation.

The four consecutive pouring days in Uxbridge, West London are divided utilising steel armoured contraction “daywork” joints. All steel profile joints are pre-set prior to concrete installation utilising laser guided surveying machinery. Steel column isolation detailing and galvanised doorway joint arris protection are also installed prior.

Contractions joints are cut into the floor slab shortly after the finishing operations are completed in West London. The joints induce a crack full depth of the slab which in turns activates the joint and controls shrinkage in the joint panels. Critical in preventing random cracking occurring in the slab causing problems for the incoming tenants.

Laser screed concrete flooring in Uxbridge, West London
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