Design and build industrial concrete flooring in Reading, Berkshire

Level Best Concrete Flooring have returned to Reading, Berkshire to carry out the full design, supply and installation of an internal warehouse concrete floor on behalf of a brand new industrial developer and repeat Kent-based contractor.

Level Best’s all-encompassing flooring package was completed in under 2 weeks. Works commence with the final subbase levelling works with a quality, quarried fines material. The first week in Berkshire completed with the installation of the steel armoured construction daywork joints and isolation column detailing.

The second week onsite in Reading, Berkshire involved the laser screed installation of 40,000 sq ft of industrial concrete flooring utilising the latest Somero laser screed machinery – ensuring Level Best remain at the forefront of quality and level control when installing concrete floor slabs.

On completion of this Berkshire-based project Level Best will shortly be returning to the area with the installation of a new floor slab in Basingstoke, Hampshire on behalf of yet another repeat customer.

Industrial laser screed concrete flooring in Reading, Berkshire

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