Concrete floors for freezer slabs in May 2023 by Level Best Concrete Flooring

Level Best Concrete Flooring the industrial concrete flooring contractors and cold store concrete flooring specialists are installing four freezer slabs for new cold stores during the month of May 2023. The new cold stores are being constructed in Warrington, Ledbury, Jarrow and Biggleswade, basically from one end of the country to another in just one month. Level Best Concrete flooring are now experts in the art of constructing concrete floor labs for new cold stores, which also includes the removal of existing concrete slabs in preparation for new cold store concrete floors.

Should you be interested in the cold store concrete flooring division discussing one of your projects with you, then please contact one of our estimating team members on 01405 819199 or e mail

Freezer slab base for new cold store in Biggleswade
Concreting around freezer pipes for new cold store by Level Best Concrete Flooring in Biggleswade, Hertfordshire
Level Best Concrete Flooring install freezer slabs for new cold stores in Biggleswade
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