Warehouse concrete flooring in Shepton Mallet, Somerset

Level Best Concrete Flooring has constructed this new warehouse concrete floor slab on behalf of a large Somerset based distributor totalling nearly 60,000 square feet over a six day casting period. The warehouse concrete floor was 200mm deep to allow for high bay racking to be installed allowing the distributor in Somerset to vastly increase storage capacity on their site. Steel profile construction joints were installed between each days pour as you can see from the photos and these also isolated the dock leveller strips to cater for movement and shrinkage. One layer of steel fabric mesh was installed on a “just in time” basis located in the bottom of the slab as the primary reinforcement for the structural floor.

The Level Best finishing teams worked throughout the night powerfloating this floor in Shepton Mallet to ensure a polished finish to the surface of the concrete slab, which was also sprayed with a concrete dust inhibiting compound and sealer upon completion. To increase the longevity of the floor joints, Level Best installed their joint sealant product Instant Seal to all od the sawn induced joints to help protect them under trafficking.

For more information on this concrete flooring project in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, or if you have a project of your own you would like us to look at for you, please contact our estimating team on 01405 819199 or e mail enquiries@levelbestconcreteflooring.co.uk

Level Best Concrete Flooring casting warehouse floors in Shepton Mallet
Warehouse concrete flooring in Somerset by Level Best
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New warehouse concrete floor in Shepton Mallet for distribution company
Warehouse concrete floors in Somerset by Level Best thanks
Powerfloated concrete floors in Shepton Mallet, Somerset
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