Industrial laser screed concrete flooring in Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Following a request from the insitu contractor for specialist laser screed concrete flooring, Level Best Concrete Flooring, a Yorkshire-based specialist flooring contractor, were engaged to carry out the full supply and installation of a 40,000 sq ft of industrial concrete flooring Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Laser screed concrete flooring technology is a modern solution for the installation of small to large scale industrial concrete flooring. Although the technology has been around for decades, only certain specialist contractors in the UK utilise the laser screed methods, hence why Level Best were engaged on this project in South Yorkshire.

The benefits of modern laser screed technology are as follows:

  1. Increased efficiency – laser screeds enable a contractor such as Level Best to level and screed large areas of concrete in single days and panels, vastly reducing programme time in comparison to traditional hand laying methods.
  2. Increased accuracy – laser guided technology guarantees high levels of accuracy ensuring a level concrete surface is laid whilst through the omittance of human error combined with the latest laser-guided plant. Laser screed enable the high-tolerances stated in the industry-recognised TR34 document are met consistently.
  3. Improved concrete compaction – the head of the laser screed includes an auger which vibrates, compacts, and consolidates the concrete improving full depth concrete formation.

Level Best operate a fleet of four laser screeds, all specifically designed to cater for a variety of applications from large scale distribution centres to medium-sized multi-unit developments and enclosed freezer floor environments operating on mesh reinforcement.

Alongside the laser screed installation in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Level Best installed all steel armoured construction joints and provided a full powerfloat finish. Sawn induced joints were installed following the slab curing and sealing process.

For more information on our range of laser screed capabilities, or if you have an enquiry for an industrial/commercial concrete floor in South Yorkshire or elsewhere in the UK, please follow the “Contact Us” page and speak to one of our Estimating Members.

Laser screed concrete floors in Rotherham, South Yorkshire
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