Live job due to commence in Teesside, County Durham

Yorkshire-based industrial concrete flooring design and build specialists, Level Best Concrete Flooring, have secured another mixed-use multi-unit, adding to the industrial specialist’s extensive design and build list of medium-sized multi-unit projects.

Due to Level Best’s innovative, versatile and flexible company profile, the Yorkshire-based contractor are the ideal concrete flooring contractor to design, supply and place mixed-use multi-unit industrial, commercial and retail type projects. Especially project located in the North East of England as this project in Teesside, County Durham is.

Level Best Concrete Flooring’s fleet of the latest and most innovative laser screeds on the UK’s concrete flooring market ensure Level Best can provide a “one-stop-shop” service on modern large bay (flood pour) industrial, commercial and retail projects. Level Best operate 5 laser screed concrete flooring placing machines all specifically designed and selected for multiple project size, purpose and access restrictions.

Operating the most innovative laser screed technology will ensure Level Best provide a high-quality; surface tolerance, aesthetical finish and final product to developers, Clients and Contractors throughout the North East of England.

Level Best due onsite early 2024 in Teesside, County Durham
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