Internal concrete flooring in Pickering, North Yorkshire

Level Best Concrete Flooring have recently completed the industrial concrete floor installation on a new multi-unit mixed-use light industrial, commercial and retail project in Pickering, North Yorkshire.

Due to the flexible nature of the build, designed and specified at conception to provide flexibility for future tenancies, all concrete floor areas had underside of slab insulation installed. The insulation is installed to ensure all thermal performance criteria are met to cover all potential industrial, commercial, and retail tenancies on this site in Pickering, North Yorkshire.

The introduction of insulation creates an issue for the construction of the slab as it prevents access for the modern innovative laser screed technology and installation methods. Level Best however had a solution for the problem by demonstrating a series of traditional hand lay pumped methods preserving the insulation board below the slab for construction and concrete wagon traffic. The method involves the pre-setting of mesh and the hand placement and levelling of the concrete floors.

Level Best’s flexible ability to hand lay or laser screed compliant slabs makes them the ideal contractor for multi-unit mixed-use light industrial, commercial and retail schemes. Where various installation methods will always be required due to the nature of the specification, design and sequencing of these types of schemes.

All preparation works were complete by Level Best prior to the hand lay slab installation. Full powerfloat sealed finishes were provided and saw cut joints installed throughout to the engineer’s specification. On completion of the project in Pickering, North Yorkshire Level Best Concrete Flooring have secured another project in Rotherham, South Yorkshire later in 2024 with the same building contractor. On this project the modern laser screed installation method of works will be demonstrated by Level Best Concrete Flooring in conjunction with TR34.

Traditional hand lay concrete pump placing methods in Pickering, North Yorkshire
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