Design and build multi-unit concrete flooring in Country Durham

Yorkshire-based Level Best Concrete Flooring have recently completed the design and construction of the internal warehouse floor slabs for a new light industrial, commercial and retail development in County Durham.

Level Best Concrete Flooring, the UK’s most versatile and innovative internal warehouse floor contractor, offer the ideal “one-stop-shop” when it comes to multi-unit design and build schemes. The companies medium-sized versatile approach ensures that the usual difficulties associated with small areas and multiple visits are handled with excellently.

This approach is helped by Level Best completing all works in-house from the tender and design process through to the final subbase regulating works and the supply and installation of the slabs using lasers creed technology. Level Best demonstrated all these various operations on this multi-unit project in Country Durham for another repeat mixed-use contractor and developer.

Level Best’s versatile approach also ensures that floor slab specified tolerances are always met, or in the case of this North-East Development, exceeded by installing FM2 slabs throughout the development. The specialists ability to use both modern direct discharge laser screed and traditional concrete pump and hand lay slab levelling and placement methods makes them the ideal contractor for this type of development.

Slabs were given a full powerfloat surface finish which was subsequently cured and sealed with sawn joints induced and instantly sealed. Again all works were complete in-house by Level Best Concrete Flooring.

Laser screed concrete flooring in Country Durham
Laser screed concrete flooring in Country Durham
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