Concrete floor slabs for new cold store, Newton Aycliffe, Durham

A high tolerance industrial concrete floor slab was required in this new high bay cold store warehouse, located at Newton Aycliffe Industrial Estate, County Durham.  Level Best Concrete Flooring was contracted to install the 200mm deep cast insitu concrete floor slab to the flatness tolerance of FM2 as per TR34 2013 edition.  The floor area of 4,600m2 was installed over a 4 day period with the initial preparation of the floor area taking 5 days. The preparation included the installation of  a steel armoured day joint and construction joint, to protect the edges of the concrete slabs, once trafficked by forklift trucks. The Level Best preparation team installed the joint using special braces to ensure the joint doesn’t move whilst the concrete was being poured, with final level checking using a datum station and laser levels. As you can see from the photographs the concrete was laid and levelled using a small portable laser screed concrete laying machine, which could traffic the steel mesh reinforcement without damaging the steel fabric. The laser screed machine in conjunction with the experienced concrete laying team was vital to the success of the cold store concrete floor slab project.

On completion of each daily pour, sawn induced joints were installed   to control shrinkage and to create even panels within each days concrete slab pours. These joints were subsequently sealed using Level Best’s innovative joint sealant Instant Seal. Should you wish to receive more information on this cold store concrete floor slab project in Newton Aycliffe, or perhaps you have a cold store project of your own, then please contact one of our estimating team members on 01405 819199 or e mail

Laser screed concrete flooring in Newton Aycliffe
Cold store concrete floor slabs in Newton Aycliffe by Level Best
Industrial concrete flooring in Newton Aycliffe
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