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Laser Screed Concrete Flooring

Our brand new Ligchine laser screed concrete levelling machine is purpose built for laying flat and level concrete floor slabs without the expense of requiring low loaders to transport and hence saving money for our customers and still achieving high standards of floor flatness. 

The Laser Screed Concrete Levelling & Compacting Machine has revolutionized the concrete flooring industry over the last twenty years. The laser screed has an automatic laser control system that ensures an accurate level finish through the use of electro-hydraulic controls. Laser receivers attached at each end of the screed head receive a signal from a transmitter multiple times per second providing complete automatic control to the finished floor level.

At Level Best Concrete Flooring we have the very latest in modern day laser screed technology with access to both Somero and Ligchine laser screed machines.

laser screed

The laser screed concrete laying machine can also cast large areas of external concrete paving to straight grade falls.

Highly versatile laser screed machine.

laser screed

Laser screed concrete floor laying machine working in a new warehouse near Goole.

laser screed2

The Ligchine laser screed is easily capable of laying over 400m3 of ready-mixed concrete per day providing the supplier’s service is adequate.

laser screed 3.10

Steel fibre reinforced concrete being laid for a new industrial warehouse concrete floor slab.

laser screed 13.10.17

Ligchine laser screed concrete laying and compacting machine in use with Level Best Concrete Flooring team in Yorkshire.