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Concrete Floor Surface Finishes

Level Best are able to offer varying different types of finish to the external concrete slab in order to cater for the clients requirements. Most logistic centres in the UK have whats known as a “brushed” finish to the surface of the concrete with trowelled edge margins. Whilst this is aesthetically pleasing the fine brush finish is sometimes not robust enough to withstand constant heavy trafficking in conjunction with extremely cold weather. In such cases we frequently offer clients the opportunity to select a surface finish to the concrete with a more “course” texture.

These surface finishes can be carried utilising the industrial concrete flooring contractor’s power floats or sometimes with special tooling capable of producing a combed surface finish.

Brush finish with troweled margins.

Brush finish with troweled margins. 

Rough pan textured finished created using power trowelled floats.

Rough pan textured finish created using power troweled floats.

cpncrete floor surface finishes march18

External concrete yard in Bristol with a “combed” surface finish and texture to the concrete slab. The “combed” finish provides an extremely durable surface to the external concrete floor and also lasts a lot longer than a more standard “brush” finish. The “combed” finish creates deeper grooves in the concrete which also offers more traction in wet conditions.


Rough Pan surface finish to the external concrete floor to improve slip and abrasion resistance during trafficking.

concrete floor surface

This external concrete floor slab in the West Midlands was laid using the Ligchine laser screed in a “wide bay” concrete pouring method and the concrete slabs were completed with a brushed finish. The bays were approximately 30x 40 metres wide and one bay per day was cast.