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At Level Best Concrete Flooring we offer various different types of anti slip systems to suit the condition of your existing concrete floor slab and provide you with a safe working environment or if your concrete floor slab is too slippery when wet and is failing the skid resistance tests required for a safe working environment, Level Best can offer you an anti slip flooring solution.

For external concrete floors we can install small grooves at close centres to create a rough texture to the concrete surface. For internal concrete floors we offer a number of different solutions. One of these solutions is to treat the powerfloated concrete floor with a chemically etched method, which alters the surface matrix of the concrete and provides traction, especially important if the floor becomes wet. .

The photograph to the right shows a floor which has been chemically etched by the concrete flooring specialists. Grease extract from food waste was causing the polished concrete floor to be dangerous when trafficked by foot and so Level Best worked the surface matrix of the concrete to provide traction under foot.


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We appointed Level Best Concrete Flooring Limited to carry out the design and construction of the internal warehouse concrete floor slabs for our contract at CePac, Goole, East Yorkshire. It was the first time we have worked with Level Best and the standard of work carried out was to the highest quality and our client was extremely impressed. We have since used Level Best on three other successful concrete flooring projects.
Project Manager

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